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Erick, The Dog Groomer

Compawdres Dog Mobile Grooming started in the summer of 2018, building on nearly six years' experience as a groomer.

We believe being bathed and groomed should be fun and relaxing. Our four legged compaw-nions' grooming experience is a pleasant one.

We have no kennels, there is no waiting and most definitely no barking. It is a relaxed and peaceful environment with jazz, salsa, and pop music playing inside our self sustained mobile salon. Our compawdres feel a peace of mind knowing that they are at "home". They can smell and sense it so they are calm as they are getting their full Spaw service.

Our Core Values

Providing a kindhearted, caring professional and loving grooming experience tailored to each companion's needs, one visit at a time.

At 11 years old, a dog showed up at my house out of nowhere. No one came looking for him and nobody knew who he was. I kept him from that day on and we became inseparable friends. That's when I learned about loyalty, love and joy from having my Solovino around. He was my compawdre. He would protect me. It all felt normal to me.

I am constantly investing time to learn even more about the dog grooming industry to provide a safe, caring and quality grooming experience for all of our four legged compawdres who I know for a fact are invaluable to my human clients just like my Solovino was to me. Our compawnions provide us with so much love, joy and support and that's why they deserve the best care. Their grooming care is where our services come in, by giving them the best possible grooming experience for as long as we have the honor and opportunity to have them in our lives.


Chief Excecutive Groomer


About Us

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